Respect and Recognition is given to the  Noonaru Wadjirri people who are the custodians of the land where this plant grows. The leaves I use in my tonic, tincture and balm have been collected by the Elders of the Noonaru Wadjirri community and have been ethically sourced. 

Traditionally this plant is known as BOOGAWEE

It is my understanding that we are the only website in Australia that is able to say that our Boogawee has been collected by the proper Traditional owners of the area where it grows.

Traditionally Australian Aboriginal people used this plant as a treatment for cancer, intestinal trouble, urinary problems, kidney issues, digestive issues, skin problems and general illnesses.

Recently there have been some interesting studies done on the plant, with some ongoing. From the late 1940’s to the late 1980’s there was great interest in the Maroon Bush within Western Australia. For over 10 years, during the latter part of this time period, the Western Australian Health Department supplied the “bush tea” to a large number of cancer patients.  Today there is a significant number of people who have used the Maroon bush to improve their health, many in conjunction with mainstream medicine.  Some people use it with other natural products which they believe can contribute to natural cancer healing. Others use it in conjunction with mainstream medicine, chemotherapy, or surgery etc.

Below are a few outward links to demonstrate some of the medical research that is ongoing.

I supply this plant in Tincture form which is the most concentrated form made with an alcohol base. 

A tonic is also available which has a pure organic apple cider vinegar base and a bush balm for skin irritations which has a beeswax and organic olive oil base. Please email me for further enquiries